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Enrollment Information

Currently Enrolled Students

Registration for HUMC Preschool is open January 8th - 29th, 2024
for current students, siblings, HUMC Preschool alumni, and HUMC church members.

Applications must be submitted to the preschool office by the
registration deadline of January 29th. Any applications received after the
January 29th deadline will be considered with the general public and are
not guaranteed placement.
Eduacational Program

Prospective Students

Registration is open to the general public from January 31st - February 14th. There will be a lottery drawing on February 15th if there are more applicants than available spaces. After the drawing, families will be notified within two business days if their child has been placed in the program.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are as follows:
First Child $90
Siblings $70
Church Members $60

Tuition & Age requirements

Tuition Rates
18-23 Months
$125 per month

2’s Class
M/W $210 per month
T/Th $215 per month

3’s Class
$260 per month

4’s Class
$315 per month

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
$335 per month

Age Requirements
18-23 Months
Must be 18 months by August 31st, 2024

2’s Class
Must be 2 by August 31st, 2

3’s Class
Must be 3 by August 31st, 2024

4’s Class
Must be 4 by August 31st, 2024

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Must be 5 by August 31st, 2024

Dates reflect state age requir
ements for kindergarten.

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