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humc Campus development

The purpose of this page is to be a one-stop location for up to date information about the HUMC Land Use Study.



HUMC is engaged with Wesley Community Development (WCD) to provide an understanding of the options available to HUMC for the effective use of the HUMC property to live out the church’s mission.

HUMC sits on the most optimal piece of land in Huntersville. With 27.6 acres situated between two major thoroughfares, surrounded by large residential areas, and adjacent to land owned by the local school board the opportunities for growing our ministries should be endless.

Over the years there have been various thoughts and discussions about how best to utilize the property. While the

facility is well-used, the land on which it sits has never achieved its full potential. At various times there have been

discussions about expanding the sports fields in support of a sports ministry, building a community garden, building a

pavilion and many other ideas.

As we begin our conversations with WCD, we are soliciting the thoughts and ideas of the congregation regarding how our property can be best utilized. Ask yourself what you’d like to see on our property or what change might we consider to the building itself? No idea is off the table. Your input will be considered as we move through this process with WCD.  


Wesley Community Development Is a real estate and community development corporation that is affiliated with the Western North Carolina Conference (WNCC) of the United Methodist Church. They consult and work with churches to align their physical assets to better serve the growth of their ministries. They will assist us through the process by documenting current usage, structural information, how much of the land is actually useable, show the possibilities that exist, and help facilitate and gather congregational input. They will finalize a master site plan, projected budget and benchmarks for moving forward.

HUMC Campus Development Team includes Jerry Kita (Team Lead), Eric Benjamin, Jessica Bowles, Betsy Burnell, Amy Clement, Tom Loughlin, Mike Prosko, Chandler Smith, Charmaine Stokes, Matt Turner, Beth Weant, Walter Wilson.

For more information, please contact Trustee Chairman, Jerry Kita.

Register for the Charrette on July 22 HERE. 

Planning Guide
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