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What are the Indonesia odds? Tips for placing bets like a pro

Indonesia odds often appear on bookmakers' boards. However, many people often confuse them with Malay or Hong Kong odds. This football tips for sunday will help you read the IND odds accurately and pocket effective football betting experiences.

What are Indonesia odds?

Indonesia odds, also known as Indo odds on the betting board, are a blend of Hong Kong and Malay odds, which can sometimes confuse bettors. Some novice bettors believe that playing Indo odds is more difficult and riskier. This is because when we choose the underdog team and lose the bet, we may lose more than the initial wager.

When choosing Indonesia odds, the wager amount is 1.00 unit, meaning that if the match ends in a draw, we will receive an additional reward of 1 unit for each bet. This is somewhat different from American odds (100.00 odds).

Furthermore, betting according to Indonesia odds is similar to Malay odds, with both positive and negative odds. Especially, we can earn big if we win the bet, especially when choosing the winning side correctly.

In general, if studied in detail, Indonesia odds offer both opportunities and significant risks. The saying "the more you risk, the more you gain" is indeed true in this case.

Understanding Indonesia odds

Indo odds are always present on the betting boards of matches, with two basic forms: negative and positive bets, specifically:

A figure of 1.00 indicates the draw money of this odds.

Positive odds - underdog team: If you win, you will receive a reward multiple times the bet amount (based on the odds).

Negative odds - favored team: If you win, the payout is relatively low (less than the initial wager).

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How to Calculate Indonesian Odds Betting

Just by looking at the positive and negative figures, we can calculate the amount we will receive if we win on each betting option to make accurate investment decisions.

Below is the specific formula you should remember.

a) Positive Odds Betting

Most players often choose positive odds betting when betting on Indonesia because the potential winnings are incredibly large. Although the risk is high, the promised profits justify it.

Profit = Initial bet amount x Indonesian odds ratio at the confirmation time

Amount received = Profit + Initial bet amount

b) Negative Odds Betting

Similar to positive odds betting, placing a bet on the negative side (the favored team) and winning will yield a considerable profit.

Profit = Initial bet amount + (bet amount / | IND odds |)

Although this amount may not be as high as positive betting, it is considered much safer.

3 Effective Strategies for Placing Indonesian Odds Bets

In general, placing bets according to Indonesian odds is straightforward, but that doesn't mean we should be complacent. To win and achieve the highest reward for this type of bet, we also need effective betting strategies.

Here are some ways to increase your luck:

Choose Your Favorite Matches

In reality, all matches have unpredictable elements, but selecting matches and teams that interest us will boost our confidence. With teams we support, we typically have more knowledge and background information, improving our predictive abilities. Don't forget to gather as much information as possible, such as team lineups, injuries, home or away venues, etc. More information means clearer winning opportunities.

Calculate Carefully

Not all odds ratios bring the highest profits. You should carefully calculate the potential winnings and risks before making a decision. Don't rush into bets with high payout odds blindly; analyze the actual situation. For less popular betting options, there might be a chance to win a large amount, which is how bookmakers balance the money flow and reduce risks. Trust your own judgment, and sometimes lower payout bets can be more "real" than the high-paying ones, which might be deceptive due to bookmakers' tactics.

Understand Different Odds Levels

We shouldn't play according to the crowd's emotions but need to calculate and understand the indicators provided by the bookmakers. This will help us stay rational, even in continuously running bets.

For those unfamiliar, it's advisable to review articles on how to read football betting odds to understand the odds levels for precise betting strategies.

List of Reliable Bookmakers for Placing Indonesian Odds Bets

Playing Indonesian odds bets also requires choosing reputable bookmakers to receive the highest rewards. Besides safety, factors such as deposit/withdrawal speed, player support, promotions, etc., should also be considered.


From the insights shared betting tips vip app in this article, you now understand what Indonesian odds are and have another betting option to consider. Don't forget to compare them with Malay, Hong Kong, etc., to make the most accurate choices.


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