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The Most Betting on Over/Under in Football

Betting on Over/Under (O/U) in football has long been favored by many due to its straightforward rules and higher payout rates compared to other betting forms. However, to secure a win, you need to master some key strategies. To maximize your chances of winning, let's explore some crucial tips gathered by Kubet.

What is Over/Under Betting in Football?

Over/Under soccer tips daily win involves wagering on the total number of goals scored in a match. It’s also known as betting on the upper (Over) or lower (Under) limit of goals.

Bookmakers set a total number of goals for the match, and bettors place their wagers on whether the actual number of goals scored will be higher or lower than this set number. Only goals scored during regular time (first and second halves) are counted, excluding those scored during penalty shootouts, golden goals, or extra time.

For instance, if the O/U line is set at 4 and the match ends with 3 goals, an Over bet loses while an Under bet wins. If the match ends with exactly 4 goals, it’s a push, and bettors get their stakes back.

Common Over/Under Betting Strategies

To enhance your chances of winning O/U bets, consider the following strategies:

Betting on the Under

This strategy involves betting on matches where you predict fewer goals will be scored, favoring the Under option. During the match, you might find opportunities to place additional bets to increase your potential payout.

Betting on the Over

Conversely, betting on the Over means predicting a high-scoring match. Place your initial Over bet before the match starts and, if the match progresses favorably, consider placing additional bets to boost your potential winnings.

First-Half Over/Under Betting Tips

Choose Matches with Suitable Odds

When betting on the first half, select matches with odds that match your bankroll. This step is crucial as it determines 50% of your success. Opt for matches with a handicap of 1 goal or more. Suitable odds to consider include 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 2.0. Avoid matches with other odds.

You can also choose matches with Over bets in the first half, typically with odds of 1, 1.25, and 1.5. While the payout may be less than 100, if it exceeds this amount, reconsider your bet.

Avoid Matches with Constantly Changing Odds

Monitor the odds a few days before the match. If the odds fluctuate frequently, especially close to kickoff, it’s best to avoid betting on that match due to the high risk of loss. Instead, select matches with stable odds for a more secure bet.

Corner Over/Under soccer tips 1x2

To effectively bet on corner O/U, you need the following skills:

Analyze and Observe the Teams

Different teams and tournaments have varying numbers of corners. Bookmakers set the odds accordingly, sometimes predicting more than 12 corners. Typically, bookmakers offer corner odds 8 minutes into the first half. Pay attention to odds predicting no corners, as these bets offer high payouts but are unlikely.

Record the Number of Corners

Experts suggest tracking the initial corners, which usually fall into three categories:

Teams ranked 2nd to 4th: Average of 10.5 corners.

Teams ranked 5th to 17th: Average of 10.6 to 11.5 corners.

Teams ranked 18th to 20th: More than 11.5 corners.

Statistics show that 48% of matches in the first group have an initial corner within the first 8 minutes of the first half, rising to 53% in the second half.

Base Bets on Corner Statistics

Experienced bettors combine corner stats with team performance to make precise bets. Weaker teams tend to repeat corner patterns from previous matches. In the second half, wait for some time before betting on corner outcomes to ensure safety. This method is best used when the first half had few corners and no goals, as teams tend to attack more and increase corner counts in the second half.


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Our platform offers diverse betting methods, including betting with phone cards and basic bets. This article has provided insights into effective O/U betting strategies. To get the best odds, register an account with the reputable bookmaker Kubet through the link below. Kubet offers a user-friendly interface, fast transactions, top-notch security, and a dedicated support team. Enjoy an exciting betting experience with a variety of games at Kubet.


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