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Understanding First/Last Goal Betting: An Extensive Guide to Increase Winnings

First/Last Goal Betting, often referred to as the "First/Last Goal Scorer" bet, stands out as one of the simplest and most comprehensible wagers in football betting, offered by reputable betting platforms like my football tips  Particularly notable for its high odds, this type of bet caters to a wide range of bettors, from novices to seasoned professionals in the field.

What is First/Last Goal Betting?

In essence, First/Last Goal Betting entails placing a wager on which team will score the first or last goal in a match.

Illustrating First/Last Goal Betting:

Consider a match between Ararat Y and Pyunik, with the final score being 1-0. The outcome of the First/Last Goal Betting would be:

First Goal: Ararat Y Last Goal: Ararat Y Given the relatively low-profile nature of the teams involved and the limited goal-scoring potential, the result becomes somewhat predictable. Additionally, considering Ararat Y's apparent advantages over the visiting team, the outcome becomes even more foreseeable. Thus, it becomes evident that with a bit of analysis, First/Last Goal Betting emerges as a straightforward and potentially lucrative betting option.

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Classification of First/Last Goal Betting:

Given the simplicity and popularity of this betting type, many betting platforms offer additional variations, including bets on "No Goals Scored" or "Both First and Last Goal Scored by One Team."

Here are some common types of First/Last Goal Betting and their corresponding symbols:

  • Betting on the home team to score first.

  • HL: Betting on the home team to score the last goal.

  • AF: Wagering on the away team to score the first goal.

  • AL: Placing a bet on the away team to score the last goal.

  • Betting on no goals being scored.

  • Selecting the option where the home team scores both the first and last goals.

  • Wagering on the away team to score both the first and last goals.

  • Home team scores first, away team scores last.

  • Away team scores first, home team scores last.

Five Tips for Successful First/Last Goal Betting:

To enhance your chances of winning in First/Last Goal Betting, consider the following strategies:

Conduct thorough research before the match:

  • Assess factors such as player fitness, team tactics, recent head-to-head encounters, and weather conditions to make informed decisions.

Prioritize teams with attacking styles:

  • Opt for teams known for their aggressive playing style, as they are more likely to seize scoring opportunities and maintain offensive pressure throughout the game.

Consider backing the underdog:

  • While many bettors tend to favor the favorite, backing the underdog can yield higher returns, especially when odds are skewed due to popular sentiment.

Rely on your own analysis:

  • While external sources can provide valuable insights, rely on your expertise and analysis rather than blindly following bookmaker odds.

Stay engaged throughout the match:

  • Keep track of in-game developments, as sudden changes such as injuries, substitutions, or tactical adjustments can significantly impact the outcome of First/Last Goal Betting.

Calculating Winnings in First/Last Goal Betting:

Similar to other football bets, the winnings in First/Last Goal Betting are determined by multiplying the stake by the odds.

Winnings = Stake x Odds

Or Total Payout = Stake + (Stake x Odds)

FAQs: First/Last Goal Betting

Here are answers to some common queries regarding First/Last Goal Betting:

Should I rely solely on bookmaker odds?

  • While bookmaker odds offer insight, they should not be the sole basis for your decisions. Trust your analysis and judgment over odds.

When is the best time to place a First/Last Goal bet?

  • Place your bet when conditions are favorable, such as before the match based on pre-match analysis or during the game if there are indications of a potential outcome.

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First/Last Goal Betting presents a simple yet potentially rewarding avenue for football enthusiasts. While luck plays a significant role, employing strategic approaches can tilt the odds in your favor. By implementing the tips outlined in this guide, you can maximize your chances of success and enjoy profitable outcomes in First/Last Goal Betting. Happy betting!


In conclusion, First/Last Goal Betting offers an accessible and engaging opportunity for football enthusiasts to add an extra layer of excitement to their match-watching experience. With its straightforward concept and variety of betting options, this form of wagering appeals to both novice and seasoned bettors alike. Throughout this comprehensive guide, we've explored the fundamentals of First/Last Goal Betting, delved into various betting strategies, and provided insights into calculating potential winnings.

It's evident that success in First/Last Goal Betting requires a combination of thorough research, strategic analysis, and a keen understanding of the game. By considering factors such as team tactics, player form, and in-game developments, bettors can make informed decisions and enhance their chances of securing profitable outcomes. Additionally, we emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced approach, avoiding overreliance on bookmaker odds, and trusting one's own judgment.

Ultimately, while First/Last Goal Betting involves an element of chance, it also presents ample opportunities for those willing to invest time and effort into honing their betting skills. By following the tips outlined in this guide and staying engaged throughout the match, bettors can maximize their enjoyment and potentially reap rewarding returns. So, whether you're a casual fan looking to spice up your viewing experience or a seasoned bettor seeking lucrative opportunities, First/Last Goal Betting offers something for everyone. Embrace the thrill, apply the strategies, and may your betting endeavors be filled with excitement and success. Happy betting!


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